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Weight Lifting Equipment Guide


Weight Lifting Equipment Guide – Build Stronger Muscles Faster

A reliable weight lifting equipment guide is very helpful when you start researching and purchasing body building gear, exercise equipment and weight lifting accessories at online stores. These body building tips will help you to make some educated decisions based upon your personal weight training needs.

Remember that it is convenience that makes regular workouts and weight lifting routines a reality and the best way to create this kind of convenience is to have a workout area with professional body building gear in your own home.  Our weightlifting equipment guide suggests such gear as home gyms, weight lifting hooks and straps, dumbbells and stomach exercise equipment.

Available Space And Weight Lifting Goals

Once you have identified your personal weight lifting goals and determined what available space you have in your home for home gym equipment you will be able focus your search for both weight lifting gear and body building supplies. 

  • First, consider your fitness goals and whether you want to exercise at home for strength training or cardio training, or both. Knowing this will facilitate your quest for the proper weight lifting accessories and body building equipment. Write down your goals and take your body measurements to know what your starting point is and this will serve as a reference point for you in the future to measure how your fitness goals are progressing.
  • Second of all, think about the free space available for exercise equipment in your home and the budget you have given yourself. If you need to buy portable or foldable equipment you may be looking at spending a little more money.

Weight Lifting Hooks – Lift Heavier Weights and Do More Reps

1 Ton training hooksSerious weightlifters and body builders use weight lifting hooks to help them safely do more reps with heavier weights for longer periods of time. There are various brand name lifting hooks to choose from, we highly recommend the 1-Ton Lifting Hooks as they are made from 12-Guage solid steel so they do not break or bend and they are fully adjustable!



Maximum Strength - Weight Lifting Belts, Straps And Attachments

Weight lifting belts help to safely maximize workouts and weight lifting routines. A good weight lifting belt helps to support the muscles of the lower back when people are lifting heavy weights, the last thing a body builder wants it to hurt their back as back muscles take a few weeks to heal.

Weight lifting straps and attachments are also vitally important if your goal is to increase the intensity of workouts. As most people have much stronger legs and backs than forearms, weightlifting straps were developed to help people lift their maximum weight potential by giving them increased strength and grip.

For more weight lifting tips please see our related articles section below for the most up to date weight lifting articles and information.

Six Pack Of Abs

Believe it or not, the famed six pack of abs is entirely possible for anyone who can gather some dedication and determination to establish a good routine of stomach exercises. Everybody has a set of abs, they just need to be worked out with some ab exercise equipment; one revolutionary device for developing a six pack quickly is the sixpackstrap for abs; we recommend you try it! Ab muscles will not show if they have a layer of fat covering them. So a low fat healthy diet is also recommended for fab abs!

Abdominal definition is very dependent upon a low fat diet, even when someone can see results of fat loss is other areas of their body they will not usually yet see their abs as the abdominal area is usually the last place on a body to lose fat. We also recommend that everybody gets some cardio happening to help burn calories and body fat; so look at purchasing a piece of home cardio equipment too!

Weight Benches, Barbells, Dumbbells And Home Gyms

When looking to purchase body building equipment for exercising at home there is some absolutely essential workout apparatus that you will have to buy. Some of these are a weight lifting bench with an incline option, a set of Olympic weight plates, a barbell, dumbbell rods, a set of dumbbell weights or adjustable dumbbells and a dumbell storage rack.

Another option to buying separate workout machines and units is to look at home gyms. There are some great gym equipment suppliers at online stores.

Some of the best Home Gyms that we recommend are:

Our Top Suppliers

We have researched and accumulated some of the very best online fitness merchants for you to turn on the power at your house! These body building gear suppliers have an amazing selection of home gyms, incline benches, free weights, dumbells, barbells, weight lifting gloves, belts, and straps, power factor training book, ebooks, body building supplements, and more!

  • 1-Ton Lifting Hooks
    KD Industries is the exclusive supplier for the 1-Ton Lifting Hooks.  We recommend them as they are made with a thick layer of neoprene to protect your wrists, they are made from 12-Guage solid steel so they do not break or bend and they are fully adjustable!
  • Home Gyms -
    see a great selection of Home Gyms at!  Save hundreds and get FREE SHIPPING on most models!  All products are backed by a 110% low price guarantee.

Sports Supplements Review

The FDA defines "dietary supplements" as: vitamins, minerals, herbs, or other botanicals (except tobacco), amino acids, any "dietary substance for use by man to supplement the diet by increasing the total dietary intake," and "a concentration, metabolite, constituent, extract, or combination of any of the above-listed ingredients".  Most dietary supplements are available in the United States without a prescription, they are easily obtained through online stores; such as, health food stores and big supplement chains such as Whole Foods.

It is generally accepted that supplements help you to lose fat, build muscle and improve your endurance and health simply by making up for deficiencies in your diet.  Most dieticians, doctors, naturopaths  and nutritionists view supplements as a means of protecting your body your body against vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

As Bill Phillips states in his book, Sports Supplements Review: "It is widely accepted that active individuals, like bodybuilders and other athletes who exercise intensely, have greater demands for a number of nutrients, which makes it even that much more likely we will suffer deficiencies without supplementation.  And if you're deficient in one or more nutrients, it's quite possible your body may not be able to build muscle and burn fat properly". 

Bill goes on to explain this statement by explaining the use of the sports supplement creatine monohydrate:  "Let's look at the very popular bodybuilding supplement creatine as an example.  Very few athletes have what doctors would call a "creatine deficiency", but numerous scientific studies have clearly established that the amount of creatine an athlete normally supplies through his or her diet is not the "optimal" amount.  Supplementing the diet with extra doses of creatine can very reliably enhance performance, improve recovery, and promote gains in lean body mass."

Our related articles section on Body Building Supplements has a collection of body building supplement reviews and supplement information on products such as: hGH growth hormones, L-Carnitine powder, L-glutamine powder, Prolab's N Large2, extra strength Xenadrine EFX, Andriol Select 300, Hydroxycut, weight gainer products, whey protein, athlete nutrition and more!  We hope that this information helps you in learning more about optimizing workouts, losing fat and accelerating your muscle growth.

Exercise Routines, Muscle Specific Exercises and Weightlifting Tips

We have put together a significant collection of exercise articles and weight lifting tips.  These articles range from articles on how to do squat exercises, the best stomach exercises, stomach flattening exercises, basic dumbell exercises, dumbell back exercises, dumbell shoulder exercises, home gym reviews, best body building supplements, how to gain muscle and athlete nutrition,

Enjoy our weight lifting tips and articles, we hope they help energize your home workouts and weight lifting routines. We encourage everyone to create a convenient workout area at home with some professional home exercise equipment - go ahead and give yourself the gift of a show stopping body!

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1-Ton Lifting Hooks
KD Industries is the exclusive supplier for the 1-Ton Lifting Hooks.  We recommend them as they are made with a thick layer of neoprene to protect your wrists, they are made from 12-Guage solid steel so they do not break or bend and they are fully adjustable!

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